Rio Grande City PD Officers Equipped with Wearable HD Cameras



Rio Grande City

The first regular meeting of the city commission of Rio Grande City held on Monday afternoon, April 7, featured the adoption of the Body Camera Policy as an addition to the Rio Grande City Police Department Policies and Procedures Manual.

“These are the body cameras that we’ve been using since about November of last year,” said Lt. Joey Solis, at the meeting as he demonstrated the compact wearable camera to the City council. “They’re lightweight. They record in HD. They have infrared… We would like to get a policy going for officers to go by,” added Solis.

Solis continued explaining that the cameras will be primarily used to record events such as traffic stops, and domestic disturbances. These video/audio recordings could later be used in court during a trial. “Do we advise the people that are stopped that they are being [reordered on camera]?” asked Mayor Ruben Villarreal, addressing the issue of a citizens right to privacy. “They know because the camera is right on the [police officers] chest,” replied Solis, indicating that the cameras are very visible making it very obvious to any one around that they are being recorded on camera. “It [records] audio and video. Every single officer has one,” declared Solis.

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