21 de Abril de 2015

Prosecutors and other law enforcement leaders along the Texas-Mexico border will have a stronger weapon against criminals, especially those tied into the deadly plots of Mexican drug cartels, under legislation by Rep. Óscar Longoria, Jr., of La Joya, which was unanimously approved by the Texas House of Representatives on Th ursday, April 9. Th e measure, House Bill 12, includes Rep. Terry Canales, as a co-author of the legislation. HB 12, which still must receive Senate approval and signed into law by the governor, would increase the ability of the Border Prosecution Unit to better coordinate eff orts by local and state authorities to fi ght Mexican drug lords by improving on the Texas side of the border the prosecution of crimes and criminal enterprises, especially in
more rural border counties, associated with drug cartels. “I am extremely pleased to announce that House Bill 12 has been voted out of the House,” Longoria said. “Th is legislation is important because it places the Border Prosecution Unit into statute, which better allows local offi cials to prosecute crimes, such as drug smuggling, murder, kidnapping, extortion, money laundering and human traffi cking.” HB 12 would formalize the practices and procedures that the Border Prosecution Unit has been implementing successfully since 2009, when Gov. Rick Perry created the unit to aid in border security operations, according to the bill analysis by the House Research Organization, which is the research-arm of the House of Representatives. Th e House Research Organization, in its bill analysis of HB 12, also noted that border crime aff ects the entire state, but HB 12 would
help prevent criminals from spreading deeper into Texas by stopping crime as close to the border as possible.