23 de Febrero de 2015

Employers in Texas would be banned from asking for, or using, credit reports on job applicants, or to fire, discipline, discriminate against, or deny employment or promotion to an employee or applicant under legislation filed on Tuesday, February 17, by Valley Rep. Terry Canales.

Canales’ HB 1515 does not limit or affect the rights, remedies, or procedures available to an individual who alleges an unlawful employment practice prohibited under federal law, another state law, or an order or ordinance of a political subdivision of this state. “Credit reports for the sake of credit cards, loans, and mortgages have their place in business and commerce, but there has never been any evidence to prove that a person’s credit rating has anything to do with their ability to perform most jobs, their trustworthiness, or their potential,” said Canales.

“The truth is that such a practice is so flawed and unfair, that it hurts a wide range of people, from innocent women whose credit reports were deliberately ruined by cowardly or violent men seeking revenge, to honorable men who used all their financial resources to provide life-saving medical care to desperately-ill loved ones,” added Canales.

The House District 40 legislator’s measure comes as a significant number of employers nationwide are resorting to credit checks to influence their employment practices. In its 2012 report, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), found that 47 percent of organizations they surveyed conducted credit checks on their job candidate, with the main goal of trying to decrease/prevent theft and embezzlement, and to reduce legal liability for negligent hiring