Valley Hospital Recognizes Starr County STC Instructor



The Doctors Hosp1000091_10201153683940425_1534577240_nital at Renaissance (DHR) recently recognized local South Texas College instructor, Alexandro Sarabia, who serves as a Licensed Professional Counselor at the hospital’s Behavioral Center. Sarabia was added to the hospital’s “Getting to Know” initiative in which digital profile cards of recognized professionals are prominently displayed on high-definition television screens throughout the Hospital’s multi-campus video broadcast network.

The DHR’s “Getting to Know” program is designed to honor those employees who have worked at DHR and made a positive difference. “I feel humbled about being featured by DHR on ‘Getting to Know’ throughout the hospital’s lobbies and hallways on bulletin board screens”, said Sarabia. “I work at DHR as a Licensed Professional Counselor to make a positive difference on my patients’ lives, not for awards or honors, but it nonetheless feels rewarding to be valued and appreciated by such a fine world-class hospital. Most importantly, I feel proud to represent beautiful Starr County, and Roma”.

According to the hospital’s website, DHR is the largest physician-owned facility in the United States and offers some of the most comprehensive medical care on the U.S. Southern Border. It is located in a community that Forbes Magazine recently listed as one of the poorest areas in the United States. Despite these challenges, DHR has excelled in the delivery of care and was recently recognized, for the third straight year, by Thompson Reuters as one of the Top 100 Hospitals in the nation.


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