A large group of students from the Rio Grande City CISD toured the new Hurricane Beulah 50th Year Commemoration exhibit at the Kelsey-Bass Museum and events center on Wednesday morning, September 27. The students also enjoyed a trolley tour courtesy of the RGC Economic Development Corp. and the RGC Mainstreet program.
The Rio Grande City Kelsey Bass Museum and Events Center is located on 101 S. Washington St., in Rio Grande City. For more information about these event, residents are encouraged to call Diana Uribe at 956-487-0672. Hurricane Beulah was the second tropical storm, second hurricane, and only major hurricane during the 1967 Atlantic hurricane season. It tracked through the Caribbean, struck the Yucatán peninsula of Mexico as a major hurricane, and moved west-northwest into the Gulf of Mexico, briefly gaining Category 5 intensity.
It was the strongest hurricane during the 1967 Atlantic hurricane season. The hurricane made landfall just north of the mouth of the Rio Grande River as a Category 3. It spawned 115 tornadoes across Texas, which established a new record for the highest amount of tornadoes produced by a tropical cyclone.
Due to its slow movement over Texas, Beulah led to significant flooding. At the time, Beulah ranked as the second-costliest hurricane on record, having left roughly $1 billion (1967 USD) in damage. Only Hurricane Betsy two years prior had caused such considerable losses. Throughout its path, at least 688 people were killed.