The RGC Lions Vision Screening Team conducted vision screening of 555, 3-6 year olds, enrolled in the Teaching and Mentoring  Communities Program (TMC) in Starr and Zapata Counties.  Children in 41 Head Start and Early Head Start classrooms were screened from March 20 to April 4, 2018.  The Lions screening team used the state of the art Pedia Vision equipment developed by the University of Connecticut.  The Pedia vision camera sends a ray of light through the pupil of the eyes, photographs the back side of the eyes and immediately determines if a child, or adult, has normal vision or needs to be referred to a professional vision specialist for further evaluation.  A printout of the abnormality is provided to the parents of the students who need further evaluation.  Normally, one fourth of children screened are identified for further evaluation.  Lion Clubs throughout the United States and other countries use the Pedia Vision equipment to screen school children and adults, the focus being on 3-6 year olds in head start and early head start programs.  The reason why the focus is on 3-6 year olds is that at this age vision acuity tends to fluctuate more so than beyond six years of age and most important, children need to have good vision to succeed in their school work. In October 2017, the RGC Lions Vision Screening Team screened all head start and early head start children in the Rio Grande City Consolidated School District. Pictured above, left to right, Lion Ruben Saenz, Screening Team Chair, Janie Garza, TMC, Kimberly Perez, TMC, Rafael Garza, RGC Lions, Simon Garza, RGC Lions, Antonio Vela, RGC Lions, Enrique Gonzalez, RGC Lions, Dalia Garza, TMC and Dr. JoAnn Patino, TMC Health Director.