Renowned Dinosaur Expert Visits Rio Grande City Library




Rio Grande City

On Wednesday morning, July 3, Dinosaur George, a well known paleontologist and television personality, offered a spirited and educational presentation to children of the Starr County area at the Rio Grande City Public Library. During his visit, not only did Dinosaur George answer questions the crowd had about Dinosaurs and other extinct creatures, but he also presented to the kids several real animal fossils, some of which originated from ancient Starr County.

“My goal was to come in and share with these young kids information about what this place was like” said Dinosaur George in an exclusive interview with ENLACE NEWS. “[Ancient] Rio Grande City was not what it is today. At one point it was a jungle. At one time is was covered by the ocean. At one time it was a grass savanna where all these different animals lived. So what I hope happened, is that I hope I’ve motivated these kids to want to read more, become better readers and learn about what the world was like, and what the community was like.”

“It’s the Summer time, and kids have time on their hands” added Mayor Ruben Villarreal, who was present at the event. “The RGC Municipal Library, Norma Fultz and the Staff have done a wonderful job in creating all typed of new images in young children’s minds. Today Dinosaur George brought some Dinosaur bones, and claws, his presentation was enormously funny and the kids really enjoyed it. It’s all about learning during the Summer”.

“The children really enjoyed it, as well as the parents” stated Library Director Norma Fultz about the presentation. “Programs like this are being funded by ‘Friends of the RGC Public Library’. It’s very important to support the ‘Friends Group’, it’s only $10 a year to join and they sponsor events like this, our Summer reading program, and other events”.

According to Dinosaur George’s website, George Blasing is a self taught paleontologist and animal behaviorist with more than 35 years of study and research. He is a public speaker, writer and television personality who has performed live to over 2 million people and has lectured in over 2800 museums, schools and public events. Dinosaur George has spent over 17 years teaching Elementary, Intermediate and Middle school students about the amazing creatures that once ruled this planet.