Religious Leaders Discuss Faith and Current Event at Local College Auditorium



Starr County

Catholic Bishop Daniel E. Flores, and Jewish Rabbi Claudio Javier Kogan spoke at the South Texas College Starr County Campus auditorium on Monday evening, April 7, during a question and answer discussion forum titled; Hermanos Dialogues for Wisdom.

At the event, Rabbi Kogan, and Bishop Flores answered questions from the audience on topics ranging from racism to abortion, and what role religion plays in these issues. “We were very happy to talk and share, and answer a lot of questions people had about the Jewish faith, and the Catholic faith, and the place of religion in life,” said Bishop Flores. “I think the only way to improve this world is knowing each other, and learning from each other (translated from Spanish),” added Rabbi Kogan.

Also present at the event were Rio Grande City officials who described the event as a very unique learning experience. “People in the audience were able to write questions, and they were answered by a very experienced pair of individuals who were here to serve the community,” said Rio Grande City Mayor Ruben Villarreal. “[One of the] take-ways I had from this event was the sense of community,” added Rio Grande City manager Matt Z. Ruszczak. “We are, throughout the region, one community, and one people regardless of our religious beliefs or any other differences that might exist among us.

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