Norma Fultz Recognized for Outstanding Efforts in Promoting Child Literacy




At the second regular monthly meeting of the city commission of Rio Grande City held on Wednesday September 18, city commissioners officially recognized the outstanding efforts of Rio Grande City’s Public Library Director Norma G. Fultz in the area of child literacy and community involvement.


“Mrs. Fultz does everything she can to provide this community with a [library services]”, said Rio Grande Mayor Ruben Villarreal. “Something like 17,000 people visit the library on a yearly basis. The library is a very integral part of the city”.


At the meeting, Mayor Villarreal read aloud the declaration printed on one of the two certificates of appreciation intended for Mrs. Fultz; “Certificate of appreciation awarded to Mrs. Norma Gomez Fultz in recognition of her achievement as the recipient of the literacy excellence award for librarians by the South Texas literacy coalition and in appreciation of your dedication and consistent success in insuring that the Rio Grande City public library is an important and relevant resource in our community”.


Mayor Villarreal and the entire commission ceremoniously presented the two certificates to Mrs. Fultz at the meeting and each took the time to express their gratitude to Mrs. Fultz and the entire library staff for their outstanding work. “I know I speak on behalf of the commission and the community; we appreciate everything you do because you do it so passionately” added Mayor Villarreal.