The Community Engagement and Economic Development team at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley hosted a series of meetings Dec. 4-7 with representatives of the U.S. Census Bureau-Denver Region.
The meetings consisted of city and county officials charged with bringing awareness to Valley communities about the coming 2020 Census.
County commissioners, judges and local leaders in higher education participated in dialogues about the importance of planning now to implement an effective count for the region. Pauline Núñez, partnership coordinator-2020 Census, U.S. Census Bureau-Denver Region, was on hand to lead the conversations.
“This is such a great opportunity for the U.S. Census to begin laying the groundwork for the upcoming census,” Núñez said. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to get the word out and accurately inform the public. It is imperative that the correct information is disseminated and that we all work together to be counted. We are always excited to work with our UTRGV partners in the Office of Community Engagement and Economic Development.”
More than 25 local city and county officials attended the Dec. 5 meeting, held at the UTRGV Resaca Plaza facilities in Brownsville where the UTRGV Economic Development Center is located.
On Dec. 6, seven leaders representing three institutions of higher learning attended a meeting at the UTRGV Edinburg location; the focus was on higher education and bringing awareness about the 2020 Census to the 18- to 24-year-old population.
About 30 leaders attended a Dec. 7 meeting hosted for Hidalgo County at the Hidalgo County Court House in Edinburg.