Community Gathers at STC in Observance of Veterans Day




On Monday, November 11, the South Texas College Starr County Campus observed Veterans Day with a ceremonial flag raising, and welcomed several guests of honor including area veterans such as Eloy Rosales, who currently serves as the campus’ head of security.


“I served in the United States Army as a gunner for M1A2 Abrams”, said Rosales. “I was in the military for about four and a half years. Veterans Day means a lot to me. It represents a lot of the great things that the military actually does for us, [and it’s not] until you’ve actually lived it and experienced it that you understand what a veteran actually does for us. I’m grateful to be a veteran, and I thank all the other veterans out there. God bless them.”


Starr County Campus coordinator, and military veteran Dr. Arturo Montiel believed the event was a fitting tribute to veterans who have served to protect the Country. “This morning we had a [Veterans Day observance event] where we recognized the veterans of our country” said Montiel. “Those who sacrificed, and those who gave all of themselves, and we had a flag raising, we had dignitaries and we had faculty and students. It was a wonderful ceremony”.


Also present at the event was STC Board Chair Rose Benavidez who expressed words of gratitude to all Servicemen, and hopes STC can always continue to offer services for returning Veterans. “We were really pleased this morning to be able to honor [those] who have valiantly served the country”, said Benavidez. “STC offers an array of programs for veterans know how much their sacrifice is worth hoping we can give back a little bit. Today is a special day for us because it allows us to give a little bit of gratitude for all that [veterans] do for us”.