12 de Enero de 2015 

Combining elements of the College Success curriculum with the Student Leadership Academy, students were exposed not only to the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to be successful in college, their careers, and in life, but they had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills in a pilot course offered during the fall 2014 semester by the Department of College Success/Education and the Department of Student Activities and Wellness.

“Our students received a well-rounded experience and had the opportunity to develop a variety of skill sets through this combined course,” College Success/Education Instructor Dr. Lydia Bean said. “I have no doubt that this group of students will continue to serve as leaders here at STC and beyond, in large measure to their participation in this program. I’m so proud of all of them.”

“Working with the Department of Student Wellness and Activities has been an amazing experience,” she added. “The staff members represent one of the most dedicated, passionate, committed, hard-working teams I’ve had the privilege of working with.”

To graduate from the SLA program, students are also responsible for completing 30 hours of volunteer service hours. Volunteer opportunities included a beach cleanup and a Habitat for Humanity event.

Dr. Bean led and coordinated the program with STC Student Activities and Wellness Coordinator Luis Banda and STC First Year Experience Coordinator Jose Peña, along with a support team of Student Activities Specialists that Sofia San Miguel De González, Alberto Coria, and Janice Pérez, who led students in various interactive workshops and activities.