Civil War Trail Project to Feature Stops in Rio Grande City


Rio Grande City

On Friday morning, May 23, several historians, professors, and authors visited Fort Ringgold’s Robert E. Lee House, and toured historic downtown Rio Grande City, as part of the planing efforts to include the area into UTPA’s Civil War Trail (CVT) project.

“The proposed Civil War in the Rio Grande Valley project will create a ‘virtual’ Civil War Trail to guide visitors through a series of key locations in the Rio Grande Valley that played significant roles in the U.S. Civil War history of the region”, reads an official document on the project.

“The reason we’re here is that we are developing the Rio Grande Valley Civil War Trail,” said professor of history and anthropology, Russell K. Skowronek, Ph.D., while inside Fort Ringgold. “So many people that went on to become Generals for both the Confederacy and the Union served here in the Mexican war of 1846.”

The CVT project revolves around the creation of a virtual trail featuring key sites relating to the Civil War, from Brownsville to Laredo. According to one description of the project, Trail maps with URLs and/or QR Codes will point visitors to a Trail website featuring audio content produced by Civil War experts, which will be easily accessible via smart phones and/or tablets. Visitors will be able to listen to the informative audio content describing the history of each specific location as they travel along the trail.