City Approves Measure to Accommodate New High School’s Water Needs



Rio Grande City

At the second regular monthly meeting of the city commission of Rio Grande City, held on Wednesday afternoon, March 20, City Commissioners unanimously voted to allow the El Tanque Water Supply Corporation to move forward with plans to accommodate the needs of a new High School being constructed on FM 755 in Rio Grande City. Authorization has been given to El Tanque Water Supply Co. staff to solicit bids for the construction of water lines to increase water flow to the designated area.

“They’re going from being a rural residential system to a full-blown commercial system” said Mayor Ruben Villarreal about the El Tanque WSC’s expansion project “it’s a huge deference. Supplying water to a school is a sizable task”.

According to some estimates, the minimum water needs of the new high school could be as high a seventy-five thousand gallons per day. “There’s going to be fields out there that will require water and we’re just trying to upgrade as much as we possibly can, this is an ongoing project that is on a fast track”, stated Mayor Villarreal.