Autism Conference in Rio Grande City



Texas Transformation Program WOW Working On Wellness Coalition part of Texas A&M AgriLife Service partnered with New Horizons Autism support groups to bring answers to questions for families confronted by Autism, reports Yolanda Morado Starr County Extension Agent – FCS.


Dr. Marcos Valdez Child Neurologist reviewed the most current research findings and resources being used to help families. In his presentation he covered treatments, educational approaches, predictions and statistical aspects of autism, PDD and Asperger’s Syndrome. May is National Autism Awareness Month. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released the results of a new study that indicated a sharp increase in the prevalence rate ( 1 in 50) of autism.


Parents and student’s who attended the conference gained valuable information that increased their awareness and helped them become advocates for change and better understanding of Autism.


Most systems focus on bad behavior, ADHD, and medications to make person’s/children with Autism behave so they do not disrupt others. This needs to change. By education we can make a successful and accepting environment for everyone.


It is so very critical for our community to draw on awareness and develop a blueprint for action. We must start with education and put a face to autism, share the vision of how persons with autism meet the needs and challenges everyday, and explore how each of us can make a difference because there are countless opportunities in which communities can take action. We must harness the spirit of intent to care and become strong sources of support, open doors for our loved ones on the spectrum to grow, thrive, and succeed on their own incredible ways.